12 Video Dating Tips to Master Virtual Dates

Author: Admin
Published On: November 17, 2022
12 Expert Video Dating Tips

In the midst of the pandemic, singles are lamenting about their dating life. Nothing can replace dating IRL, but virtual dates are getting popular all over the world. Singles are forgoing face-to-face dates and have their dates virtually.

Keeping this in mind, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and ForeverUs in Love have also included a video chat feature. Chatting and getting to know someone from the comfort of your own home has its perks.

Now, we know that nearly everything is online, and to woo your date, you need to set yourself up for your virtual date. Are you nervous about how to prep up? Here, we will give you video dating tips so that you can take command of your virtual date.

So, let’s start.

1. Set Your Intention

Are you assuming that you would feel chemistry on a first or second call? Take a breathe, then!

Set your mind as it would be hard to feel it on call. Instead, focus on simply enjoying and spending time with each other. If you enjoy video dating, you should meet in person to know him/her better and judge chemistry. It won’t disappoint you and your feelings.

2. Choose the Right Backdrop

The vibing of a bar or restaurant has the power to set the tone of a date. It’s important for virtual dates too! The right background depicts your personality. A tidy space, with good lighting and nicely decorated wall looks amazing. We are sure you don’t want to show your bathroom or pile of dirty laundry.

Keep in mind that you don’t have any personal photos or information you don’t want your date to see. Building trust demands time, and you can’t take a chance until you implicitly trust the other person.

3. Put Effort Into Dressing Up (Duh!)

It’s a digital date and dressing up isn’t that important. Hey, you might be wrong here! You cannot neglect physical appearance as you might not get another chance to make a good first impression. After all, first is first!

Dressing up will boost your mood and make the experience feel more special. Ladies, wear your favorite top and do your hair. Men, no wrinkled shirts please! Make an extra effort and look your best.

4. Proper Lighting Is a Must

Lighting is an important factor so set yourself up before starting the call. If your date is during the day, face outward towards a window for good natural light. If it is in the evening, putting a lamp behind your screen or a ring light also works well. Make sure it is front lighting, as backlighting will make you look like a silhouette.

5. Adjust Your Camera Frame - It Matters!

Are you scrambling and worrying about your camera angles? Do it beforehand, at least an hour before, to not get messed up. Set your laptop at eye level, which makes it a flattering angle. One thing to consider is having your face too far or too close.

It’s tempting to use a phone, but we suggest using a computer or tablet. Make sure it is still, so you are not wobbling around. When the screen is large and still, you will get more feel.

6. Make a Video and Sound Check

Are you anxious about your virtual date? Don’t be!

Make a video introducing yourself. You will get an idea of how you will look in front of the camera. Observe your facial expression, smile, and dress to ensure your date goes smoothly without hiccups. No one wants to be conscious & adjusting their dress all the time during a date.

7. Level Up Your Energy

Even on camera, your energy level matters! Gesturing is important. Using your hands and body when you are speaking can really amp up your energy level. Smiling is the key to looking attractive, so smile more than usual (but not so big!). Trust us; this is the best video dating tip!

If you are feeling nervous, have a mocktail or tea to have it feel more like a date, and it keeps your hand busy too.

8. Compliment Your Date

During the date, if you know something to be appreciated, let them know. Why keep it to yourself? Appreciations make the other person feel more confident and relaxed. It’s a great way to connect. Don’t give compliments too early.

First, learn about the person’s emotional aspect and comment in a positive way. A few examples are:

  • You have an incredible sense of humor
  • You are really good at …. (depends on your conversation)
  • Your thoughts are unique!

9. Be Polite While Exiting

It’s okay if your date doesn’t go as you had planned. You can exit if you feel like the conversation has buzzed out or you have nothing in common. Staying on the call is not mandatory. Treat the other person with utmost respect even if they don’t deserve it.

When you schedule your date, mention the timing, as it gives you a natural way to go out. If you don’t want to give any reason, you can say, “I have another call coming up” it seems 100% truthful too.

10. Have Fun & Be Positive

Don’t let the pandemic topic ruin your conversation. You want to have fun and get to know each other well. So talk about things that focus on you, like your interest, travels, a movie you watch, or a recent book you read. A big No to talk about your exes or how hard dating is. Also, don’t blabber about your work. Be creative and mention things you are passionate about.

11. Awkwardness Happen - Be Cool With It!

When dating is involved, especially online, awkwardness is inevitable. Don’t hesitate if the camera freezes or you cut another person’s talk. It will happen; just laugh it out. Don’t let awkward silences make the other person feel uncomfortable. Try to be approachable and friendly, as video dates might create challenges for someone.

12. Be Prepared With Basic Questions

Same as physical dates, be prepared with a few rough ‘get-to-know’ questions. Read their profile and ask your date accordingly. The questions are good to ask that target their job, hobbies, family, and friends. It can be your savior when you encounter a touchy subject, and you can quickly change it by asking a question and getting things back on track.

Wrapping Up

It’s so interesting to find your special one from your home only. These video dating tips will help you attend virtual dating like a pro and reduce the chances of ruining your date. Make the most out of it, and we assure you there are good chances of you enjoying their company in real life too!