How to Identify Fake Dating Profiles

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Published On: November 21, 2022
Fake Dating Profiles

Online dating apps are a savior for all singles that make them mingle. Amidst the pandemic, its popularity has grown exponentially, and so have fake profiles and scams. A relationship built on emotional connection, and what if you come across a fake profile? It’s heartbreaking!

Around 10-20% of profiles are inactive or faked. It’s necessary to spot a phony profile before it’s too late. Catfishers and scammers trick you into giving them money or sex. Weeding out these fake profiles in the garden of online dating is pretty simple if you know how to identify them.

Let’s glance at how you can indicate a fake dating profile.

1. Using Influential Words in Profile

Imposters create fake profiles to catch users’ eyes. They think that using powerful words will excite your interest. By keeping a specific target audience in mind, they create profiles accordingly.

Fake profiles include words like widowed, catholic, self-employed, engineer, royal, female & more. You might be thinking, why female? Around 24% of catfishers pretend to be the opposite gender depending on whom they target.

If you see any words heavily emphasized, chances are high that it belongs to a scammer. Genuine profiles do have these words but consider it as a red flag. Do some more research to find other classic signs of a fake profile.

2. Illogical Conversation

We are not talking about drunk text shenanigans. Fake profiles run through robotic systems, which makes no sense. Strange words, emojis, or phrases are used often. You are not feeling a connection while having a conversation with them.

Do you feel that this message isn’t for you? Does it look like a copy-paste? It means the person behind the fake profile put minimal effort into it. It’s a red flag in dating if you can’t carry a conversation with them, even though it’s real. Trust your inner feeling if the conversation seems weird.

3. One Photo & That’s Too Perfect!

You would put several photos on a dating app to represent your personality. With one photo, you aren’t learning anything about them. Fake profiles use attractive pictures of someone else to engage the audience.

Some catfishers use stock photos too. They are overly posed with generic backgrounds, and you might see the person on different sites. No doubt, models might use dating apps, but no profile picture looks like an extravagant photoshoot. It’s a red flag, do a quick reverse research of the image to be sure about it.

4. Profile Details Are Barely Filled Out

It’s crucial to read profile details before connecting with anyone. But an empty profile is a sign of either being too lazy or a fake profile. The genuine user will use every chance to describe themself with unique bio ideas and what they are interested in. Large empty sections mean they don’t care about finding a real match.

Their main aim is to get ‘in’ so they can manipulate the target to give some information or money because real users keep their profile in tip-top shape, which is appealing and get them several responses.

5. They Can't Video Chat

You feel the connection and want to move ahead, so you asked for a video chat. Had they denied it? Ask for a reason. Smart devices nowadays enable users to make video calls. It is a safer alternative to know the person is real and not fake.

If they give a reason every time you want a video chat, they might be playing with you and hiding something. Time to delete them from your profile.

6. Pretending to be Famous or having Royal Background

Celebrities and princes might be found on dating sites. If they seem real, they probably are! But quick research will tell you if there is any profile with that name existing or not. Check their background.

Are you suspicious about their photos, information, or messages? Look through image results, and you will find it fake. If the person is still insisting, ask them to have a video chat. You can also ask them to send a picture with a specific word on a piece of paper and hold it. Let them know you are not going to fall for this old trick.

7. Inappropriate Link Sharing & Messages

Dude, No, please, don’t click! If anyone is sharing a link with you, they want views on their personal pages, further in their career, or even leads you to pornographic sites. They can be musicians/artists/actors, which raises the question of why they are on a dating site.

It doesn’t seem cool and authentic. Also, they will try to send you steamy messages or be way too flirty to lure you and seem suspicious of someone you haven’t spoken much to. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to pay for their photos or sign up on their website later.

Do not believe everything you hear.

8. They Request Your Personal Information

In an online dating app, if someone is getting more personal and wants your address, phone number, credit card number, and password, then it is not someone who you are looking for. Be harsh on these people asking such questions. Tell them you are not comfortable sharing and ask the reason why they need it.

If a person really cares for you, they will probably back off and apologize. If they are aggressive and asking if they need it in some emergency, don’t fall for it. It’s a scam.

9. No Social Connection

You are using an online dating app like ForeverUs in Love and have found your match. Great! Now you will research the person more by visiting their social media presence on different platforms.

If a person you have matched with has no connected social accounts, you will likely get scammed. A real profile will have a history of photos and any kind of engagement that portrays more about them. If there is little to no activity, it means the account is set up quickly to trick you or someone who isn’t being careful.

Don’t want to impersonate a fake dating profile? Read these tips to create a match-worthy profile.

10. They Want to Meet Right Away

Ideally, it takes time to know someone online. Before meeting face to face, it’s safe to know a few things about another person and then proceed. If someone is way too fast in asking out, be alert! They might not be who they are portraying.

Even if they are not using a fake name, photo or id, chances are high that they only want to hook up, or there might be something more dangerous planned.

Time to Never Fall for Fake Dating Profiles

Online dating has opened up space for cheaters, liars, and scammers. If you don’t want to fall into this trap, download our dating app – ForeverUs in Love. We verify every user through mobile numbers and email IDs, ensuring there are zero spamming profiles. Though there is no surefire way to stop spammers from contacting you, with these useful tricks, you can save your precious time and heart from breaking.

People, be safe & smart while dating!