Millennial Dating: A Complete Guide

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Published On: November 24, 2022
Millennial Dating: A Complete Guide

In the era of online dating and social media DM’s, getting real-life connections seems overwhelming. Dating is tough at whatever age you are. The thought of putting yourself online and getting emotionally hurt is cumbersome. But a generation that suffers more than others is millennials.

Millennials want love, but they want to date and have fun first. Before settling down, they want a sustained period of dating. But hey! They are not as doomed as everyone makes them out to be! Each generation has some positive and negative aspects.

So let’s get into the millennial dating guide, whether you are a millennial yourself or you are dating a millennial.

But Who Are Millennials? What Is the Age Range?

Millennials were born during the last two decades of the 20th century. It is a generation anywhere from 1981 to 1996, also known as Generation Y. They are good at adapting changes, curious to know everything and value teamwork.

Millennial Dating Culture

The Millennial generation is a hookup generation (A big thank you to Netflix and chill). Taking someone seriously and making a commitment is not what many people are ready for.

They are obsessed with social media. It’s easy to cut anybody off as you are not forced to have face-to-face interaction, which leads to the art of ghosting. The arrival of technology has consequences in their love life too.

But now it’s time to prove to the world that being a millennial or dating a millennial is not that bad. We found millennial dating statistics that around 76% of millennials are looking for a committed relationship and want to be serious.

So, let’s look out a few tips for millennial dating to bring joy & romance into your life.

15 Millennial Dating Tips - It's Not That Hard to Be/ To Be With Gen-Y

1. Communicate Clearly - Don't Lie

Modern relationships lack honesty and clear communication. With the mass usage of online dating apps, the tendency to lie on profiles to promote a better version of yourself is high. If you are tempted to do this, it’s a good idea to stay away from being fake.

There are high chances you will get caught in future, which results in hurting yourself and your date. So it’s easy to be honest and practice clear communication about your expectations and emotions from the beginning.

2. Try Out Different Mediums - Dating Apps, Joining Club

Why not give it a try on a dating app? You never know; you get your one & only from that only. ForeverUs in Love is a popular online dating app that focuses on your interest and filters out matches for you accordingly. Download now & give it a try!

You can even join a club or do things (hobbies) you enjoy, as these are one of the best ways to meet someone and be friends. Not only do you get to know people with similar interests, but you might get your potential partner too.

3. Connect to People via Social Media

Millennials do connect with social media anyway. That’s what everyone thinks!

Using social media for dating can be a boon for millennials. It’s good to look for profiles you are interested in and know who they are. But stay away from stalking! It will be beneficial if you meet them through a dating site like ForeverUs in Love, where you have essential information and pictures to go through.

4. Be You and Love Yourself First

Online dating has made our way to finding a date much easier. It might be tempting for millennials to date different people. But to be happy with your date, you need to spend time with yourself first. Being confident and happy about yourself is an attractive trait that might help you find your love. Try to be okay with yourself and simply enjoy everything.

5. Ignore Useless Judgements

Millennials face much more judgement from outside sources due to being available and ever-connected all the time. It’s easy to get feedback from people looking at dating and social media profiles which we don’t know or looking for acknowledgements.

If you are a millennial, one of the best things you can do is to ignore other people’s opinions of you. Indeed, you can’t keep everyone happy, so focus only on yourself.

6. Put Your Phone Down

You get to know that a person trying to speak to you stops just because you are stuck in your phone and scrolling aimlessly. So it’s better to put your phone down. For example, if you are heading out alone or your gang is late to meet you, gather the courage and put your phone down for a few minutes. See if anyone is ready to strike up the conversation.

7. Wait for the Right Time to Have Sex

Dating for millennial means all about having sex, and it seems to be a growing culture amongst them. Don’t rush into anything, as knowing someone’s intentions are important. You can’t figure out that on the first date. Sex can be great if you both are ready for each other. However, it does leave you vulnerable, so before getting into bed, get to know each other well.

8. Don’t Stick to the Thought of Meeting Someone Naturally

Many people deny their happiness by pushing themselves to think that organically meeting people is the only way. Yes, it’s good to meet people naturally rather than through online dating.

But now, in this 21st century, it’s not about through what medium you meet someone. It’s about the connection! You might get a real connection through online dating too. So be open to all areas.

What about arranging a virtual date? Here are few video tips that will save you from blunders.

9. Be Open to Love

Online dating has made it easy to connect with people. Now it’s easy to date someone and get into a relationship. Rather than being in a serious relationship, people want to hook up only. This makes romance significantly weakened.

One of life’s greatest pleasures is falling in love with someone. Don’t date someone with a predetermined notion that you want nothing serious. You might connect to someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life.

10. Speak to Unknown People

Millennials are constantly comparing their lives with others and seeing others happy and having fun, making them doubt their self. They are comfortable in their zone and want to be alone.

But did you know many singles out there want to meet their ‘one & only’ by bumping into them while they have their morning coffee at Starbucks or starting a conversation about the book they read on a bus?

Make this reality by striking a conversation with unknowns. Who knows, you might get the right one for you.

11. Be Careful While Sexting

With the increasing use of smart technology and mobile phones, sexting has become common. It is an integral part of an intimate relationship that boosts self-confidence. But be aware of what could be the result of your action, whether you are sending juicy messages or photos.

Think about it, will they delete these messages or images so that no one can get them? What if you & your partner disagreed later? Would you be a victim of porn?

12. Ask Your Exes About What You Can Improve

Mutual breakups are a common thing nowadays. If you are on good terms with your ex, ask them about your negative points.

When you are finding a long-term relationship or want to move forward, improvising on these points might help you to be better. There is no harm in asking, as you should learn from every relationship.

13. Set Yourself up With the Help of Friends

Ask your trusted circle of friends to set you up with somebody as they know you very well. It will also boost your confidence to be yourself. Going on a blind date, your friends have chosen for you is super exciting.

Not only because you are going on a date, but they probably put the two of you together for a reason as there are high chances you can get along with him/her. A bonus point is if the date doesn’t go well as you had planned, you have the support of your friends to cheer you up.

14. It’s Okay to Be Single

Don’t be in a hurry to find your significant other. You don’t have to force everything. Spend time with yourself, enjoy with friends and take enough time to be ready for a relationship. Know that it’s okay to be single before jumping in search of a potential partner.

15. Have Fun

Dating is all about having fun and living happily. If you choose to date someone just for the sake of dating, make it clear and do remember. Having fun means it should be light-hearted, which doesn’t cause you any harm.

If your date has not gone right, instead of getting upset, focus on making things fun again in future. Millennials have their age factor on their side, so don’t put pressure to do anything other than enjoying with someone.


Millennial dating gets a bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as everyone makes it out to be! Being honest and confident is the best thing a millennial can do. Dating is all about forming the connection to stay in real life together. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you are ready to be in the dating world either as a millennial or dating a millennial.


What is it like to date a millennial?

The millennial generation is independent and gets things done in their own time. They make time for it when they find it important enough to love someone.

What is the age range of millennials?

Millennial was born from 1981 to 1996 and are also known as Generation Y.

What are millennials known for?

They are born at the arrival time of the internet. Millennials witnessed technological growth and development, making them progressive and more creative.

From where millennials met most of their partners?

As per the survey, around 45% say they have dated someone through an app. Social media plays an essential part in their life. If you also want to increase the chance of dating someone, download our ForeverUs in Love dating app.